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Lectrodryer is a Kentucky based company, established in the 1930’s with its purpose to design, engineer, and manufacture desiccant-type drying and purification equipment for the removal of water and other impurities from air, gases, and liquids. Lectrodryer partners with customers to add value to the power generation, refinery, chemical, heat-treating and compressed-air markets. 

One common use is to remove water vapor from compressed air, gases and atmospheric air. Other uses include removing traces of ammonia, carbon dioxide and impurities from gases, and removing dissolved water from liquid hydrocarbons.


The Type BX Lectrodryers are designed for the removal of water and other impurities from liquids down to less than 0.1 ppm. The presence of impurities in many process liquids can result in inefficiencies in the process.

The BX Lectrodryer are dual or single tower units designed for the continuous or intermittent drying of process liquids to very low outlet water concentrations. Solid adsorption is used utilizing the best desiccant for the application. Several standard size dryers are available for most applications plus Lectrodryer can custom design units to fit any specific drying need. Standard units are shipped complete, ready to place into operation after process and utility connections are established.