AEM Flex 120: The electrolyser fitting your production needs

Our AEM Flex 120 enables your streamlined launch of green hydrogen in pilots ranging from industrial process heat to refuelling.

Flexible configuration from 70kW to 480kW guarantees a match with your budget and hydrogen production requirements. The modular design ensures reactivity to intermittent renewable energy, built-in redundancy and freedom to scale when you need it!

AEM Flex 120 Specifications

→ Extremely high availability and built-in redundancy

→ Automated & remote operation with our EMS

→ Ideal for on-site hydrogen production

→ Low maintenance requirements

The AEM Electrolyser EL 4 at a glance

Tailored production

Choose the number of AEM Stack strings to get the exact amount of hydrogen production you need – between 70kW and 480kW. If you start small, you will have the possibility to later upgrade your electrolyser production capacity.

Streamlined integration

Our container-free, skid-mounted electrolyser rapidly and seamlessly integrates into your existing energy projects, allowing you to add hydrogen production capabilities without extensive site or system modifications.

Low lead times

Receive your electrolyser and start your green hydrogen production within just a few months. We stand for plug-&-play products, not engineering projects; simple planning and low lead times means your green hydrogen pilot comes first.

AEM Flex 120 green hydrogen applications